At Delany’s Pharmacy we provide a compression hosiery service. We will measure your legs for a specific hosiery that will be best suited to your leg size. We will also talk you through how to put on and take off your hosiery, and how to care for them to get the most out of each pair.


how do compression hosiery work?

Compression hosiery are designed specifically to apply pressure on your legs. This in turn increases blood flow from your legs to your heart. They are tightest at your ankles with the compression reducing as you go up the leg. Compression hosiery are categorised in classes from 1-3.  Each class has a different strength, with class one representing the lowest compression. Most patients will have a prescription for hosiery from their consultant or GP.

Although an appointment is not necessary, we recommend to call ahead to ensure there is an advisor available. We also recommend coming in earlier in the morning as this is when the legs are least swollen.